Although the name of our business is Workplace Prayer, the reality is: no business owner is just a business owner. Business owners are also fathers and mothers and parents and siblings and children and friends. They are people. As part of our role as intercessors, seeking the Lord on your behalf, we don’t just want prayer requests about your business. You are actually a complete person.

And so we want to know, to the extent that you are comfortable sharing, requests beyond your business. You might find it helpful to think through prayer requests in three parts. 


The personal part

You, your spouse, your family, your friends. What are you thinking about?


The business part

Should be self-explanatory.


Your clients

We love to pray over clients and any specific needs. 

If you have a lot of clients, then we would probably just pray more en masse. If you have only a few specific clients, we welcome the opportunity to pray for them by name.

 We want the ripple effect of God’s kingdom advance not to stop with you, but to go on to the people that you serve. And so we fully believe for increase and upgrade for your clients. Also, please know: we don’t believe that there is such a thing as a small request.

The Scripture is so beautiful to tell us,

“Cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you.”

All your cares. Not “The reality is, if you’ve ever gone on vacation and had it rain when you wanted to be sitting in the sun at the beach… that is a bummer. It’s worth it to pray about the weather.Or if you have ever had to go to a meeting after a restless night’s sleep, so that you knew that mentally you weren’t clicking on all cylinders… that’s no good.

These are the sorts of things that we like to pray about, as well as the larger things, such as increase for your business. Don’t limit your requests. Because, really: do you actually know what is important or what’s not? Maybe you need to go to the meeting this evening, and in the meeting you meet the one person that you really needed to meet. 

You don’t know.

Our philosophy is that any care that you have is worth asking the Lord about. We welcome all requests, and we thank you for sharing them. The more specific requests you can give, in many ways, the better and easier it is to see a result. If you say, “I would like increase,” that’s fine. We’re happy to pray for that. But if you say, “I would like to see my business grow 3X in the next year,” that’s a very much more specific prayer. And we will pray for that. And we might actually pray for 5X because we really like more. You have not because you ask not.