About Us

For more than 40 years, Bob Perry’s single-minded prayer has been, “Lord, teach me to pray.”
For the first 35 years or so, he prayed in many different venues: churches, ministries, pro football teams, over Air Force One, and as the lead intercessor for the Final Four March Madness tournament.

After years of seeing astonishing, measurable results, his friend Paul asked, “When are you going to start focusing on business?”
At that point Bob turned his considerable skills and giftings towards the business world.
Amy Lykosh’s parents started a business in 1990. From the beginning, they encouraged their employees to pray, on the clock.
Thirty years later, they hired Bob, as a trained intercessor, to pray. Astonished at the effectiveness of his prayers, a few months later Amy partnered with him.
Together Bob and Amy have the privilege of raising up a team to pray.
Our goal is to change the narrative on prayer in business. God cares about business, prayer makes a difference, and prayer in business offers the opportunity to change the culture and advance God’s kingdom.
It is our privilege to offer intercession for, and teach intercession to, those in the workplace.
As Bob says: “If prayer doesn’t offer solutions, why bother?”


Bob Perry

Managing Director

An avid student of prayer for more than four
decades, Bob has founded and led multiple prayer initiatives that have trained and mobilized
hundreds of thousands of people in prayer
partnerships. With his firm conviction that prayer brings results, his clients routinely see breakthrough in problems that have lingered for months … or years. Gifted in mentoring, teaching, coaching, healing, faith, perseverance, prophecy, and big
picture thinking, he overflows with encouragement, exuberance, and enthusiasm. He longs to make prayer practical, and for all believers to find the same freedom and healing that the Lord has given him. Bob and his wife, Sharon, live in Nashville, TN, and have four adult children.

Amy Lykosh

Executive Director

After giving up on prayer for about eight years, Amy came back to prayer two years before she met Bob. Her heartbeat in prayer is for healing and
deliverance, and her heart’s cry comes from the verse, “My people are destroyed for lack of
knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). She longs for the needed knowledge go out to stop the destruction! Her clients and friends value her relational generosity, clear communication, discernment, administration, and good humor. The author of several highly
acclaimed books, and daily prayer emails and
podcasts, she and Bob work together to get his depth of insight out into the world through books, classes, and courses. She lives with her husband and five sons in rural central Virginia.

Prayer Advocates

Adrienne Saur de Caballero

Adrienne grew up as a pastor’s daughter in Wyoming. With a deep passion for the lost, she served on mission trips to four continents, before marrying her husband, a Mexican native. She now lives in Tampico, Mexico, with him and their four children, where she enjoys praying as she watches the sunrise over the tops of mango trees and coconut palms.
Although a good pray-er in English, her fiery prayers come out when she prays in Spanish.

Andrew Ngui

Andrew credits his grandmother for his love for prayer. Growing up in Singapore, his grandma activated him by the laying on of hands and unceasing prayer. Andrew began his journey with the 24/7 prayer movement in Toronto, Canada.
On staff at MIT for a few years, he currently lives in Peoria, Illinois, in the heartland of America. He is passionate about connecting people and revitalizing latent potential.


Christa Furlow

Originally from Michigan, Christa served with her husband for many years as a youth pastor and a conference co-organizer.
After moving to Tennessee with her family, her passion for children and her love for education led her to student advocacy in several public school systems and as a Director of Admissions for a private Christian school. She continues to carry a dream in her heart and the call of God to serve children in the nation of Italy. She desires to see Christ’s Kingdom in action in very practical ways outside the four walls of the church.


Cindy McFaden

Cindy first felt the call to prayer and intercession in 1985. She began using her prophetic gift to pray for family, individuals, ministries, businesses, and movements. She learned from many prayer warriors, including four years at the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs and inner healing and prayer counsel through Elijah House Ministries. Cindy believes each person and business has a specific calling and purpose. She has started several nonprofits and businesses, including a foundation that raised $5 million in four years to serve over 40 ministries worldwide, which gives her unique insight into the needs of ministries and businesses. For the past 20 years, she and her husband have helped many weary and broken people find wholeness and restored connection in relationships. They live in Bend, OR. Find out more at http://reconnectedagain.com.


Cindy Miller

Cindy and her husband Ron pastor a church in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. Her fiery, life-of-the-party personality comes from her Puerto Rican and Lithuanian background.
She lives and breathes discipleship and passionate prayer.
Gifted in relationship development and communication, she started working for an insurance company at the bottom of the chain of command and now is project manager for one of their largest departments.


David Hacker

Married with 6 children, David lives in Woodstock, Georgia, near Atlanta. He has walked with God for over 30 years with a passion for God’s Kingdom in family, marketplace, missions.
He founded the ministry Messengers of Hope, to serve pastors and leaders in East Africa with conferences and resources.
He serves the marketplace through Piedmont Real Estate Group, a commercial real estate brokerage firm, and on his local planning commission.


Dr. Karen Cerff 

Dr. Karen is a leadership consultant and executive coach, serving organizational and community development leaders alike. She also serves in an academic capacity and as a board member. She seeks to more effectively integrate faith, theory, and practice in the marketplace and life. Her passion is to discover innovative ways of collaborating with God to encourage and empower leaders and followers globally to fulfill their potential, and bring their organizations to the full vision that the Lord has, and thus leave a significant legacy for future generations.God speaks to her in dreams and visions, and she partners with us from her home in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Jeanine Siebold

Jeanine has been a prayer warrior for decades, partnering with Bob on several initiatives before joining the Advocate team. As a retired school teacher from Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, she said, “I loved teaching, and can truly say I never worked a day in my life … it was a joy unspeakable and filled with God’s glory!”


Leroy Case

Leroy partners with the Holy Spirit to release God’s timing in the lives of people so they step into their God-dream. Leroy walks closely with individuals in transition, framing their discipleship experience through his in-depth understanding of how God forms people spiritually. He’s a synthesizer, seeing and communicating the patterns of how many points of revelation and relationships connect. His greatest joy is to help people experience God’s presence. He has a passion to see an army of mature disciples raised up to serve God’s purpose in this generation. He is an ardent horse lover and a joy to be with.


Matthew Fleming

Matthew serves leaders in all sectors of society to help clarify identity (prophetic), host vision (intercession) and inspire synergy (partnership development) on a global level. He has served alongside leaders and organizations for over 25 years in a broad spectrum of capacities, while growing a heart for restoration and the ongoing revitalization of individuals, organizations, communities, and nations.  He has experience in sales, marketing, business development, and relationship management in industries ranging from facility services to financial services to technology. He holds an Honorary Doctorate in Humanities for leadership development work in the United States, Africa, and India. 


Nicole Kuhl

Born in South Africa, Nicole originally came to the United States to work in group homes with inner-city children. She then worked on college campuses for over a decade, ministering to and pastoring the students under her care.Her vision is for transformation of societies, not just individuals.An English and humanities major, her passion is to release the fire of God’s love over and into his children.She serves as a life coach in Richmond, VA.