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Esther Arise Fast

Bob carries a Mordecai anointing, meaning that he sees the beauty, the giftings, in women, and calls them forth. 

He has prayed for at least three decades for women to rise up in their roles in the kingdom of God, to step into their authority. 

As we look ahead to the feast of Purim, we recognize that men face numerous challenges. 

And we recognize that women face numerous challenges. 

We’re setting apart three days for intentional prayer and any form of fasting, and we plan three days of prayer, around three topics.

1) We’re praying for the Esthers to come forth, for women in leadership and influence and impact to come forth.

2) We’re praying for our daughters, whether they’re our natural daughters, nieces, neighborhood daughters, girls at church, business associates’ daughters: we’re praying for these younger women. A USA Today headline recently read “Teen girls report record levels of violence, sadness and suicide risk, CDC survey finds.”

3) A general prayer, similar to Esther’s plea to save the nation, save us as a people. Save us. 

Three days of prayer and fasting (not necessarily water-only) to pray to release women into their destinies.

Note that this is not an “Esther Fast,” normally defined as a three-day food-and-water-fast. Shortly after I met him, Bob said, “I would never advise a no-water fast: how horrible for your kidneys!”

Three Zoom calls, one per day, at noon Eastern, for 20-30 minutes. 

And for inspiration, enjoy Righting of Wrongs, an in-depth, but also quick-moving and beautiful book about Esther.


Sat, Mar 2 – Mon, Mar 4


Online - Zoom

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