Make Prayer Beautiful

Because Everything in Life Is Better with Prayer.

I quit praying for eight years because the amount of resistance wore me down. But prayer is so transformative, I want you to be able to pray in health and power.

Stories, testimonies, Q&A, and the walk of faith. About 5 minutes per episode. (One listener said, “I can listen at double speed and get through it while I’m brushing my teeth!” She maybe has to floss, too.)

Usually a single story or single thought, a testimony, or a question from a listener answered.

Just enough to say: we keep growing in prayer, and we want you to, also. Keep experimenting and trying new things!

Very friendly feel. As one listener said: not formal, but more of a "Hello! It's so good to see you! Come walk with me!"

“One of my top three favorite podcasts of the year!” ~ Alexandra

Six days a week.