Workplace Family Membership

For all who partner with us financially on a monthly basis, we offer specific benefits.

A weekly prayer emailed to our clients to help strengthen them in business.

From Bob’s hours in private prayer, he comes away with a sense of what specific resistance we seem to be facing corporately, and prays from that place, to release you to thrive in your work.

Are you sensing some of the same things? An opportunity to gauge your spiritual barometer.

Ohhh, what a beautiful and perfect prayer! So very thankful for you guys.” ~Jan

 Two weekly prayer calls.

At 9am and pm (Eastern) on Tuesday, our larger Advocate team prays corporately, along with any clients who can join us. 

Following a simple structure, we praise and pray.

A weekly masterclass in how to come to God. After even one or two calls, you’ll have a sense of how differently God’s people pray, even when following the same framework. Fiery. Quietly. Passionately. Matter-of-factly. 

Leave refreshed and encouraged. 

Your ministry has really touch a part of my soul that has been in hibernation for a very long time. Decades. I was on the prayer tonight and my spirits were lifted by all the voices praising God.” ~John

Zoom calls.

Teachings and encouragement on a range of topics. 

Some are part of a corporate fast.

Or a prayer and service for generational healing.

Or a masterclass on how to profit from prophetic words, beyond the immediate encouragement.

I love the Zoom calls! They bring me energy and are so refreshing.” ~David

A monthly personal prophetic word.

While many of us didn’t grow up in churches or cultures that emphasized the prophetic, I Corinthians 14:3 says, “But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.” 

We can all use more of that! So our team asks the Lord for one of his thoughts for you, to strengthen, encourage, and comfort.

Perhaps a few written paragraphs, or a few minutes of scripture or pictures, to remind you of your identity and calling, to give you encouragement that God sees you and knows you.

This word is perfect and just what I needed in the moment! I’m stepping out boldly and the enemy is boldly trying his old tactics with a little extra punch—and I had just gotten another one, but recognized it and put my foot down!” ~Shirley