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F(e)ast – 21 days of prayer and fasting

Consecrate, or set apart, your year to the Lord. Such a rich time with the Lord, this fast feels more like a feast.

During these three weeks, each of us decides on a type of fast.

• Intermittent, keeping food consumption within a certain number of hours (8, 10, 12)

• Partial, like a Lenten fast, restricting a food or foods (such as no chocolate, or only whole foods)

• Complete, water-only

• Soul fast, without a food component (giving up judgmental thoughts, or skipping social media)

We enjoy a few corporate Zoom calls, for prayer and encouragement.

Find daily readings, morning and evening, to ease your way and encourage your heart at


Mon, Jan 1 – Sun, Jan 21


Online - Zoom

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