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Pursue: Intensive Prayer at the Halftime of the Year

If January is a time to detox and face forward, August is an excellent month to look to the harvest.

At the start of August, we have lived through seven months of the year, and we have five months to go. Depending on the year and the holidays, we have about 100 normal working days left in the year.

We’re coming in to the second real push of the year, coming out of the halftime break.

Whether we need to double down on our original goals, or adjust in some way, we need to seed the ground with prayer.

The real beauty of 21 days of intensive prayer is that we’re inviting God into the picture. 

Instead gritting our teeth through the practical aspects of leadership training and goal setting, hard work and diligence, here we invite God to help us. 

We invite God to speak, to inform, to redirect.

God has a blueprint for our lives. Are we building according to his blueprint?

This is the invitation to you: pray in advance of what you want to see the rest of this year. 

Come on!

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