Who is Praying for You and Your Business?

I was once talking to a friend. 

He told me about one of his clients, and how, during one of their meetings, the man mentioned that he hired young prostitutes in Las Vegas. 

My friend said, “Why are you doing that? They are the age of your daughter!”

The client replied, “That’s what makes it good.”

I looked at my friend, stunned. I had no idea this was part of his workday … or anyone’s workday. 

I have researched trafficking, and understand the importance of rescuing those who daily face betrayal and abuse. 

But to minister to the abuser? To call the client to a better life, and to face such an unbelievable and horrific response?

The question burst out of me: “Who is covering you in prayer when you go into the pit of hell like that?”

“Oh, I have some friends who pray.”

“Do they pray more than a single sentence a week?”

“Uh … what do you do again?”

I hope that most of us don’t deal with anything quite so blatantly exploitive and wicked.

But the reality is: in the workplace, we deal with some level of challenges every day. 

We need:

• Direction

• Wisdom

• Easing of relationships between staff members

• Legal protection

• Energy and strength for the journey

• And on and on….

Who is covering you and your business in prayer?

At Workplace Prayer, this is what we do, all day, every day. 

In 2020, when Bob and I first thought about a name for our company, we bought the URL for the minimum bid of about $8. 

This was both really exciting for us—what an amazing name! For an amazing price!—but we also cried about it for months. 


Because it seemed that almost nobody was in this space of intentional prayer for businesses.

People go to church for maybe two hours a week, and yet they’re in their offices, in their workplaces, for 40 hours or more a week. 

Why are we not talking about how to be present in businesses more effectively? 

What a strategic oversight in the kingdom of God.

At Workplace Prayer, we cover businesses in prayer, and teach all who would like to know how to pray more effectively.

– Amy Joy

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About the Author

Amy Joy is the Executive Director of Workplace Prayer, where she provides leadership in prayer and equips through powerful content including books, classes and courses.