The First Month of Professional Prayer Coverage

What Sort of Testimonies Might You See?

When Bob Perry first started praying for Amy’s parents’ business, Sonlight Curriculum had already had thirty years of paid prayer coverage, as the employees were invited to pay on the clock.

She was curious to see if paid prayer was different with someone who had spent 40 years asking, “Lord, teach me to pray.”

For the first month, Amy kept track of the evidence of God at work.

Many minor answers (a beautiful time of prayer with my sister).

And some major (my husband’s brother-in-law recovered from spinal meningitis that almost killed him).

This granular accounting of God’s faithfulness serves as both a memorial marker, and an encouragement to notice and record the way the Lord moves.

What did prayer coverage look like, for one family?

Come and see.

Prayer Works

In God’s Bonanza, read a detailed account of how God showed up in a normal family.
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