Cindy first felt the call to prayer and intercession in 1985, when two African American prayer warriors trained her. She began using her prophetic gift to pray for family, individuals, ministries, businesses, and movements. She learned from many prayer warriors, including four years at the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs.

She and her husband were trained to administer inner healing and prayer counsel through Elijah House Ministries. For the past 20 years, they have helped many weary and broken people find wholeness and restored connection in relationships. 

Cindy believes each person and business has a specific calling and purpose, something unique to each. Her own experience of starting a non-profit foundation that raised $5 million in four years to serve over 40 ministries worldwide gave her unique insight into the needs of ministries and businesses. 

She and her husband live in Bend, OR, near their two adult children. 

What we love about Cindy: her practical, fun, no-nonsense, prophetic prayer warrior; her healing prayer ministry; and her willingness to help birth new ministries.

Ask her about: unusual tipping practices, unexpected barbecue, and why unexpected people came up to her in Home Depot.