The Organic Farmer’s Prayer for a South Slope

Organic farmer Gilbert Hintz prayed a beautiful prayer over the Workplace Prayer community in February 2022.


I’m praying out of Psalm 18:19. “He also brought me out into an open place; He rescued me, because He delighted in me.” 

I’ve been praying this verse for a couple of weeks. 

For me “an open place” is a beautiful cropland field. And for a farmer, the south slope gets more sun, gets more heat units, and gets more production. 

So for the Workplace family this morning, I’m praying for an open place. It’s free from traps, it’s free from snares. It’s free from ambush. It’s free from the box canyon with no way to get out. 

Lord, give us south slopes in our businesses this week, ones that have more productions, ones with potential for 80-, 90-, 100-fold increase. Keep us out of the north slopes that are shadowy, that are wet, that are cold, that are void of optimum production. And, Lord, offer an open place as a place of peace. It gives us a viewpoint of long term economic landscape. It gives us a place of vision. And, Lord, let us enjoy the fruit of the land. As we’re now engaged in the production cycle, let us have your increase, because of your open space. And Lord, I also pray that our Workplace family would realize that you delight in us. It’s like my granddaughters. Their aspiration level just rises when they communicate with understanding that granddad is delighting in them. And so let our confidence rise this week, because of the knowledge of your delight. In your name, amen.
Amen! Light dawned on those who sat in the shadowy land of death,
– Amy Joy

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