Rapid Expansion and Financial Multiplication

Insurance and Financial Services Industry

In February 2022, I had the privilege to meet Korina and Omar at a Heaven in Business conference. They had recently dedicated their business to God, and were trying to figure out what that meant.

They hired Workplace Prayer.

Eleven months later, Bob and I were in the middle of a prayer call when Korina sent me this message.


Thank you so much for praying for us this past year. Wow! We are blown away by Gods provision for our business. 

When we started off 2022, we had four employees. We ended the year with eight and just hired another person. 

We typically grow, on average, $X in collected insurance premiums a year. A bad year was 17.5% of $X, and a great year was 138% of $X. 

Last year we grew 650%.

I’m still in shock! 

I didn’t have goals this past year, and just wanted to see what God would do through us. 

I spent more time with the family and kids, and spent more time in His presence. I did not feel like I needed to perform or strive. I was intentional and lead with a pure and loving heart. 

I’m now attending Christ for the Nations, and have also started a women’s Bible Study at our home. I’ve gone from working 50 hours a week to 24. 

He is so Good and so Faithful. 

Wanted to share this amazing testimony with you and and say God is answering your prayers! 

We love you and your team and pray for increased wisdom and revelation on what to pray for your clients. 


As far as I know, none of our other clients have had a 650% increase in a year, while cutting hours in half. 

So I’m not claiming that Korina’s story is normal.

But our friend Andy Mason taught us to pray…

Lord, if you did it once, please do it again! If you did it for them, please do it for me!

Lord, increase our vision and our hope! Amen!

Now all glory to God, who is able to keep you from falling away and will bring you with great joy into his glorious presence without a single fault,
– Amy Joy

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Amy Joy is the Executive Director of Workplace Prayer, where she provides leadership in prayer and equips through powerful content including books, classes and courses.