The Solution Is Simple

One of our clients, Sonlight Curriculum, has been selling homeschool materials for more than 30 years.

When Covid first hit, they had an influx of new business, as parents needed a way to teach their children in the midst of massive upheaval in the school system.

But Sonlight sells physical products, and their physical space didn’t expand. How to manage to source, store, and ship all of the increase?

As we prayed, one of their leadership team said, “I keep hearing, ’The solution is simple. The solution is simple.’”

And after a bit, they realized that, rather than only hiring temps, they could bring in some of their most dedicated customers to help.

And those customers came, sometimes for weeks, and helped take care of things.

The influx of new business somehow went out the door.

The solution was simple.

And during all the months of working in close conditions, no one got sick.

The space was protected.

We would be happy to pray for you, too.

Thank you, Jesus, that you provide and protect, that you give wisdom and insight, and that you send solutions. Amen!

To the only wise God be glory forever through Jesus Christ,
– Amy Joy

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About the Author

Amy Joy is the Executive Director of Workplace Prayer, where she provides leadership in prayer and equips through powerful content including books, classes and courses.