Shift to More Prayer (Testimony on Day One!)

One of my favorite parts about praying for businesses is how very unexpected the outcomes can be.

Workplace Prayer client Ross owns several hair salons. The day after he partnered with us, he wrote:

“I don’t know if you guys started praying for me today, but I woke up early and felt compelled to pray for all of my managers in a ‘deep’ way, so … I’m giving you guys credit for starting that chain of events whether you earned it or not! 

“It felt like Jesus woke me up and told me ‘this is what I want you to do’ and it was amazing! So … thanks! (I think!).”

Of course we had started to pray for him.

But what a beautiful testimony—a spiritual revival of sorts, welling up in him on behalf of his staff.

Unexpected, yes … but sounds like Jesus!

Do it again, Lord! Amen!

– Amy Joy

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About the Author

Amy Joy is the Executive Director of Workplace Prayer, where she provides leadership in prayer and equips through powerful content including books, classes and courses.